Instone USA Livestock Air Transport


Instone USA Livestock Air Transport

Instone USA is the world leader in providing cargo aircraft charters for the shipping of livestock. Instone USA is the world’s largest provider of wide body cargo aircraft supplied with livestock equipment.

We operate 10 full cattle pen systems (39 pens per system) for 747 cargo aircraft alone. The pen systems are made with materials used in the aircraft manufacturing industry. As such they are strong but also very light. This means that there is a weight saving compared to wooden disposable cattle pens and that means more payload for more animals.

The ability to equip an aircraft with state of the art pen systems is a financial advantage. Couple that with the number of flights that Instone USA operates and we are to offer the most competitive rates for full charter loads of cattle and other livestock. With as many as 12 cattle systems based in the USA, Europe and Australia, Instone USA has been able to equip over 100 full 747 aircraft charters in a single year.

Instone USA ships cattle worldwide. This is mainly for dairy herd regeneration and for new dairy projects. Beef cattle mainly for nucleus herds in emerging markets while not normally exported by air are becoming a larger part of the air transport world because of the inaccessibility of some countries not easily served by ocean.

We do not ship cattle for slaughter and are not involved in that trade which is always transported by ocean.

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