Aircraft Livestock Equipment


Aircraft Livestock Equipment

Lightweight 747 Cattle Penning System

Instone USA utilise a Cattle Penning System designed to maximise carrying capacity, minimise livestock stress and reduce freight costs.

Key Benefits incluce:

  • Lighter
  • Stronger & safer then disposable pens
  • Larger internal Useable Area than disposable pens
  • Environmentally Responsible

The Instone Lightweight 747 Cattle Penning System (see specifications) offers a significant increased useable area (6.67m2) compared with disposable wooden cattle pens, allowing exporters to maximise the number of cattle they can load on a single shipment, while fully complying with USDA recommendations and industry standards.

A new feature of many Instone USA livestock charters is the ability to have real time temperature recordings from the aircraft while in flight. This is invaluable information when carrying larger numbers of animals.

It is the livestock exporter's responsibiilty to check with the USDA or their country's equivalent as to allowable stocking densities for any proposed flight. The table below is intended as a guide only, however it highlights the significant bennefits of Instone Lightweight 747 Cattle Penning System.

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