Cattle to Kazakhstan


Cattle to Kazakhstan

With our extensive livestock transport experience we can deliver to many locations around the word. Delivering livestock to Kazakhstan, Russia and remote locations is our specialty. We regularly deliver cattle to Almaty International Airport (ALA), the largest and busiest international airport in Kazakhstan.

The video shows a shipment of cattle being loaded for delivery to Kazakstan. The cattle are transferred to our specialised light weight cattle penning system.

To reduce overall transport costs we operate to airports that others are not able to, saving on land based travel. We bring in specialized offloading equipment able to handle remote locations.

Instone USA has shipped many loads of cattle on 747 cargo aircraft to both Almaty and Astana. We expect to be adding Karaganda airport as a destination during 2013. Instone USA has shipped in its own equipment to these airports in order that the cattle pens and pallets can be quickly and effectively washed and disinfected. This enables the aircraft to depart with that same equipment on board therefore enabling much quicker return of that equipment for its next trip. The lightweight pens have been of valuable use on these trips which often leave Canada or the USA with over 114,000 kgs of cattle and equipment.

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