"Our cattle from Canada arrived in Almaty 45 minutes early and we were very happy with their condition. The lightweight pens worked very well and we had 212 cows safely and effectively delivered here to Kazakhstan." Sergey (Kazakhstan)

"It was minus 15 Celsius when the Instone aircraft arrived with our dairy cows. Very difficult for us to move the cattle to our farm but Instone did an excellent job in delivering our cattle to Astana airport. Their livestock loadmaster helped us very well with the transfer from their pens to our trucks. We delivered everything to our dairy in excellent health thanks to Instone in the USA." Dimitriy (Kazakhstan)

"If Instone people had not made advanced arrangements for their aircraft to land here we could not have considered this import. They arranged a loader from another airport 600 miles away and special heavy duty forklifts to load the pens onto our trucks so we could transport them to our farm. If we had not had Instone USA to make these special arrangements we could not have done this job. We asked 4 companies to quote and only Instone USA could arrange this aircraft to land here and be unloaded. Our alternative was another airport and a barge and road trip. For sure we would have lost some animals. We had 100% success with this shipment and are very happy." Ricardo (Philippines)

We definitely saved money with Instone USA. All cattle arrived in very good condition and out vet who was at the airport said she was also very happy." Vadim (Russia)

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