Cattle to Russia


Cattle to Russia

Instone USA often supplies forwarders in the USA and Canada with aircraft to carry pigs and cattle to Russia. On many sectors the 747-440 pure freighter can carry a full load non-stop for up to 12 hours. This is a big advantage over other older models of 747 aircraft that have to make a stop en route.

Recently a full load of cattle was shipped from Chicago to Yekaterinburg which was the first time cattle had been delivered to that airport. The shipper’s choice to use lightweight pens meant an extra 10 head of cattle could be shipped over using traditional wooden pens. Instone has the flexibility to schedule these trips to load in North America in the evening which allows for unloading in the early morning at destination. This enables animals to be unloaded and in trucks on the way to the farm during the cooler part of the day.

During 2013 Instone expects to be supplying aircraft and equipment that will transport animals to 3 airports in Russia which have never received livestock before, let alone on a 747 freighter.

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