Livestock Transport Experience


Livestock Transport Experience

For over 30 years the Instone USA office has been involved in many hundreds of livestock flights. Because of the economies of scale of wide–bodied cargo aircraft Instone uses more 747 cargo aircraft than any other type of cargo aircraft. Whether it is shipping over 200 head of in-calf cattle or 1,000 live pigs, the 747-400 series freighters with their higher carrying capacity present the best value for money. Instone supplied 747 aircraft and equipment are commonly used from the USA and Canada to Europe, China, Japan, Russia and Kazakhstan. It is not unusual for Instone USA to be flying multiple loads each month and often two on the same day.

On many occasions Instone USA has operated to airports that others have not managed. Bringing in specialized offloading equipment from sometimes many hundreds of miles away will allow an aircraft to be unloaded when otherwise it could not be. This in turn means that a customer can have his animals delivered by air to an airport much nearer to their final destination that would otherwise be impossible. (see photos of to triple deck pigs on road mobile special loader)

The Instone USA loadmasters bring many years of experience to the loading of animals into crates, their comfort on board and the offloading of animals from crates to trucks at destination. Having staff who are both experienced in the transport of animals as well as being familiar with aircraft systems is the best way of operating successful live animal charters.

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